Archaeology in the memories of the families of Saint Lucia

The aim of “Archaeology in the memory of the families of Santa Lucía” is not to mark out a moment in time. It is about reconstructing the thoughts and feelings of an entire group of people through the excavation of each neighborhood house and the recollection of objects that illustrate their day-to-day lives in Santa Lucía. These simple material items generate ideas and sensations in the visitors probably not very different from the ones they produce on their owners. In this way, a house in which all memories collide is created and something unique happens: the decorative, religious, familiar, commemorative elements, all become meeting points for the attentive observer.

Bit by bit we can see them. Their idiosyncrasy, their wishes, amusements, and fears. What makes them proud, what worries them, their hopes and disappointments. While we look through this catalog, the image of the cabinet is clearer and it makes us feel close: like at home. In the pottery and wooden saints. In the stuffed animals, toys, family pictures and last dinners. In the diplomas, the can openers and rocks. In the lamps, rocking chairs and refrigerator magnets. We are left with one great and simple idea: maybe the evening ends and with time we forget it.

Adelso Mestre, 2013