Fragmented memory, for recovery

I play with fragments of a discourse about memory, dreams, current events, and I get pleasantly lost between the traveling photographer’s images. I see, I hear, I understand it physically, feeling closer the slides about waste, memory, shadows of water towns like Zapara, Adícora, and La Habana. Marco Montiel-Soto aims to enrich the memory of the spectator making them move to the same rhythm that weaves into the sounds of the sea, the waves, the people, the experimental silence, the radio, cassettes, 80’s reels. Those sounds, produced by Memory and Recovery, just as Pablo Neruda did in exile to feed his own metaphors, induce sensibility for a better reading.

Marco Montiel-Soto works with fragments of memory, that memory that he does not only think to recover for himself, but also for each of us to recover it adapted to our own realities. In his attempt, the artist goes farther, making a pact with the spectator to not call this either his nor their gaze. “Diaposeción” is a spinning top that twirls like a pendulum and gets covered by sounds of walking, to invite us to make them our own gaze.

Jimmy Yánez, 2008