Nomad gaze

Marco Montiel-Soto is a nomad artist, he roams through places and times, registering a sensitive experience built from the compositional relationships drawn with photographic composition still image and video, where objects take a relevance according to the landscape they are located in.

It is well known that nomad artists slide through very diverse countries, cultures, and customs, cataloging encounters, constructing a personal binnacle, a route map where references are set to places and accumulate to be discarded once the definitive one is found.

But Marco’s nomad gaze is not descriptive but analytical instead. Each experience comes up not to be signaled to, but rather to become symbolized through emblems made from the relevance of an object in a specific experimental relationship established by the artist and distributed as milestones of a sensitive, contemporary and timeless cartography. They now simulate being subjects, reconstructing the human scale from their own material condition. They are then fragments of a landscape encounter –the one which he treads, the anecdotal one, and the one resonated in his memory–; afterward, they become clear allegories with pictorial evocation, exploring the sensibility where cultural spectacle is in dialogue with ornament, free of rules and styles.

Marco, cosmopolitan from Maracaibo, received his education in Barcelona, Paris, and Berlin, reveals the attitude that nomad artists assume in a globalized context: as geologists, they explore overlapped layers of culture to track in them the course of the contemporary gaze. As explorers, they confront the world of their intuitions with that of foreign perceptions, to find a route to meld with sensibility. As travelers, they aspire to leave a footprint.

Luís Ángel Duque