Daily Lazy – February

María Gracia de Pedro in conversation with Marco Montiel-Soto.

A couple of years ago I discovered Marco Montiel-Soto, an artist from Venezuela, based in Berlin. His research, and mainly his work, explores the intersections between political and poetic territories, homeland and traditions, so even though he is not based in Venezuela anymore, his origins are a constant part of his pieces. In 2017, Montiel-Soto participated in Documenta 14 and Jeju Biennale, and he just finished a commendable year for his artistic career with two Biennials, 11thBiennial do Mercosul and 1º Riga International of Contemporary Art.

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Marco before his duo presentation (with Bianca Bondi) with JosédelaFuente at ARCOmadrid art fair next month where he will surprise us, again, with a new body of works, so I asked him a couple of questions in order to get closer to his practice.

MG: Let me start with the first question that came to my mind when I was thinking about our conversation. What comes after two biennials? (I cannot start with an another question) What happened there? What were your feelings?

MM: For me, working in biennials is very enriching because it allows me to develop more complex ideas, research and expeditions, and to be more risky in order to develop projects and installations in large dimensions and for an international audience. It is also rewarding to meet and exchange views with artists from many other countries.

The Bienal do Mercosul was very interesting. The team was so involved and supportive the whole time. They had a very recent curatorial concept and they count on the participation of excellent artists. I made very good friends.

The Riga Biennale was another level of work, without a doubt, one of the best exhibitions in which I’ve participated. The artists and their works were very powerful and they had a great professional team, thus the conditions made you really feel inspired working there.

This year, I received an invitation to participate in Bienal de Montevideo, which begins in October 2019.


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