Strudel between confusion and contradiction

In “Strudel between confusion and contradiction” (Strudel means whirlpool), Marco Montiel-Soto take himself as a traveller character, constantly in a territorial exchange between his home in Maracaibo and his selected home in Berlin. In this work a constant switch in language between German, English and his native Spanish plays a keyrole.

This constantly physical and psychological sense of movement, opens to him a self-image as a “Radicant” artist, not surprising, therefore, we can kind a generic relation to the French curator and theorist Nicolas Bourriaud. Montiel-Soto is a “Semionaut” par excellence: he operates in a territory of anecdotal experience and marauding expeditions. Fittingly, he is a collector of passionate lived materials. His vortex is a non-linear accumulation of collected materials in various media about his travels between the worlds of his own ego.

Sam Auinger, 2011